Waste Management Services

McDonald Morrissey Associates provides modeling analyses to help a range of state, municipal, federal, and corporations assess groundwater flow conditions for waste management, including landfills, superfund sites, radioactive waste disposal sites, and subsurface injection of treated wastewater.

City of Malibu - SubSurface Injection of Treated Wastewater
MMA conducted a groundwater study to assess viability of subsurface injection of treated wastewater
Wake, Chatham, and Richmond Counties, NC
Groundwater modeling to assess groundwater flow conditions for proposed low level radioactive waste disposal sites.
Groundwater Modeling for Town of Randolph, Vermont
Groundwater modeling to assess groundwater flow conditions in the vicinity of a proposed landfill

Other Representative Projects

  • Putney Paper Company, Putney, Vermont — Developed three-dimensional groundwater flow and advective transport models of the Bofors-Nobel Superfund site in Muskegon, Michigan. The Bofors site used a system of extraction wells to maintain a capture zone down-gradient of abandoned waste lagoons. The models were used to determine the efficiency of the existing purge system and to evaluate new designs. In addition, the models were used to evaluate possible contamination from a landfill that was to be constructed as part of the remedial design and placement of extraction wells near the site.
  • Lake County Landfill , Ohio — Constructed groundwater flow model to estimate the hydrogeologic effects of stream rerouting near a landfill borrow area in northeastern Ohio. The model was also used to determine the effects of the proposed stream rerouting on water levels in private wells near the landfill.

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