Republican River Basin Compact

Republican River Compact Administration and Litigation Support, State of Nebraska

Since 1943, the withdrawals from the Republican River Basin have been governed by the three-state; Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado, Republican River Compact. More recently reductions in Republican River flows due to groundwater withdrawals in the Basin have been the subject of a water rights dispute among the three states.

As part a settlement agreement between the three states, a jointly-developed groundwater model was created to evaluate streamflow depletions and accretions caused by groundwater withdrawals within the Basin.

From 2001 to the present, McDonald Morrissey Associates has assisted the State of Nebraska by representing Nebraska on the technical committee developing the Republican River Compact groundwater model, providing expert services, training, evaluating groundwater management strategies, assessing impacts of climate change, and evaluating factors affecting streamflow depletion and accretions. These services have provided support to Nebraska in its administration of the Republican River Compact.

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